dansaDisco's Repository

Welcome to my repository~ http://dansa.github.io

This will be the place where I host beta/wip versions of my theme(s) and small things like widgets.

The main purpose at the moment is to give people access to Flite 9 while I work on it, do note that the theme is very incomplete right now though. I just figured that there's not really any reason to keep it "private" as I have no clue how long it will take before it's ready for release (and I'd love some feedback :p).

Want to request an icon?

The best to submit requests is if you post them as an "Issue" on my Github. It's much more convenient and easier to keep track of, but if you really have to you can shoot me a message at Twitter instead

I don't really have anything write here for now.. If you have any questions, feedback or problems, don't hesitate to drop me a line :)